Why Codechef is only changing the ranking and not the rating

From past 4 months all the people who are getting caught in plagiarism their only rank obtained in the contest is decreased and not the rating,why is codechef not taking any strict action against the cheaters.My suggestion is that such people should be banned for atleast 3 months to teach them a lesson.


Cheating usually happens in div2 so it means making new ID is not a big deal is it ban for 3 months or even permanent account ban tell me does it matter?

But it will be at least better than seeing people reaching div 1 by rating increase of 185 and ranking of 23000.

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Yeah…It would matter. For how long will they continue cheating when they know one day their ratings will be dropped or they’ll be banned.

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Kindly look into the matter please.
@admin @vijju123

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