why codechef not putting editorial for each contest as codeforces ?

I want to ask question from community of codechef why editorial is not posted for each contest as codeforces.
I think due to this weekness most programmer prefer codeforces .
so please post editorial after end of the each contest.

If you also think same please Upvote this so codechef become careful.

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The editorials of COOK98, the last three problems of SEPT18 are not posted. Many a times, editorials of the harder problems are not posted :frowning:

What?! The editorials are posted. Which contest are you referring to?

Editorial for BJUDGE will be public soon.

For last two problems, I am at present writing editorial.

Don’t worry, editorials for harder problems for this round will be posted for sure, though can’t guarantee today (these problems involve a lot of things to cover.)

Hope you don’t mind that. :slight_smile:

Also, editorials for SEPT18 has been posted. Which one you are having trouble finding?

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All editorials are there if you search them.

COOK98- Search results for 'cook98' - CodeChef Discuss

Sept18 - Search results for 'sept18' - CodeChef Discuss

Dont blame innocent editorialists :confused:

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Simple, for any contest, find editorials like


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Editorialist inside @vijju123 strikes. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have seen many problems without editorial at the end of the problem(i means link of editorial is not given at the bottom of the problem).

So please before posting the problem make effective editorial and post at correct palace(end of the problem).

As you say which contest are you referring to?
I am not only talking about LTIME,COOK,CHALLENGE. I am also taking about all the contest (including unofficial contest).

As you can see at codeforces at the end of the problem Tutorial with Tag is given (for every Problem )I have never seen Problem with no Tutorial at codeforces.

I am not blame on codechef .Codechef is my favourite programming site and i want it should become more popular than other sites.So i am only giving suggestion.

There are 2 reasons why this is not happening on CC.

  1. Beginner section contains most of the problems imported from spoj.com Since nobody at CC prepared them so no editorials were made. And for this purpose, this forum was made.
  2. If it is a recent contest then there are 2 possibility -
    2a. If it is a hard question and editorials for easy are available then editorialist didn’t make them.
    2b. Lazy @admin.

Yes,You are true.
But i want editorial for hard question like last 3 problem in div. 1