Why did codechef do this?

I badly miss div2

I thought Enigma rating will be updated post Longchallenge, I would be 3 stars if so,

They made it other way around and retained me at 4 stars.

I wanted to participate from div2 and perform well in cookoff :frowning:

@admin Can you reduce my rating by 81?

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Sadly, All is vain now!! :zipper_mouth_face:

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Well it’s fixed now, i had the same issue

Thank you @admin for your kind acceptance of my request.

I’ll throw you a party. send me your contact details


You’re welcome.

You can come here and throw the party:
No. 6, Vivekananda Street,
Dubai Kurukku Sandhu,
Dubai Main Road,


arereh. :joy::joy:
humko bhi bulao koi.

LOL, I suppose many didn’t get the joke because it is a Tamil joke :P.

OMG…didnt expect this first up…Codechef has tamil people in the admin…!!!

Explain please :sweat_smile:

If anyone needs landmark, Its “Near Dubai Bus stand” :joy:

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Hey !!
Can you please review my ratings because I have been judged by my updated ratings if Jan long challenge for the Enigma , because of which I have lost -47 , earlier when I was judged by my previous ratings I lost only 2 because of Enigma, Please have a look.

Hi, there was a manual error due to which wrong ratings were public for a few hours. The updated ratings are the correct and final ratings.