Why did I lose rating from Starters 31?

I was in Div. 1 before the contest. According to the banner, it was unrated for Div. 1, so I casually solved only one problem and forgot about the contest, but now I can see my rating has dropped. Is this temporary or am I missing something?


Same here. It seems there has been a mistake, where Starters 31 Division 1 has been marked as rated for Div. 1 participants by mistake.


Same here, @admin can you please have a look into this matter.

Ratings of the last 3 contests are being fixed. Should be done by tonight.


Same here i also solved one question but my rating dropped

It should be fixed now, please check again.

On a side note: Your ratings depend on your performance in previous and current contests and expectations from you to perform in your ongoing contest.

A fundamental idea of how the ELO system works is this: Whenever you participate in a contest, you compete in a duel with all other participating players. Based on your current rating and the other participating players’ rating, your probability of winning against each of them is calculated.

Your actual performance is compared against this expected performance, and correspondingly, you gain or lose some points.

Read more about the mechanism here: