Why doesn't CodeChef recalculate ratings after removing cheaters like Codeforces

Rating calculation is done just after contest end but plag check is done afterwards. And rating is never recalculated unlike codeforces.

In the last contest cheating happened at massive level and I believe that I got robbed of the rating change that I deserved

If plag check is done properly on last contest, I can bet that I will gain atleast 30 more rating


They will. It may take some time to show up the updated ratings as they would deal with very few innocent cases.

when was the last time they did this? I have never observed my rating change and I have been participated since almost a year now.

My current graph shows that I participated in Div. 3 for starter 113 while in Div 2. What actually happened is after a long time, my delta was recalculated for starter 112 (might be replicated after plag. check)
Even for starter 139, my delta was changed after a week.

in my last contest it happens my rank was 139 and rating 1596 then after some day it changed to 134 and 1600 rating

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