Why don't most of the unrated contests have editorials?

There are many short contest which have no editorial and there are many question which you need solution of. What is the point of attempting a contest if you don’t gain anything from it.

Codechef should do something about it.


That’s true. Most of the times I can’t understand the logic looking at others codes.

Yes! exactly the point of having editorial in official contest is that we can’t get the logic just by looking at the code. Even if by some miracle we somehow manage to find the logic, we still can’t proove it in most of the cases.

@vijju123 @admin Isn’t it in codechef rules for organizing a contest that the editorial must be ready before hosting a contest on codechef .
A few problems which are too much interesting and educating that deserves an editorial also misses editorial or tutorials like I am stuck on this problem BULBS from ALGOMANIAC Prelims 2020 as this was the last problem but good to learn offline queries.

If (host) of the contest might have provided the editorial then many persons might have learnt it and being stuck on a problem haunts a person like me.

I hope codechef will not allow any contest to be hosted without editorials as it hinders learning.
one contest for which I desire editorial is that the Bulbs problem from ALGOMANIAC Prelims . I tried contacting @mazumder7 yesterday but no response came. I hope for efficient execution on this platform focus on more good editorials from short contest is also a desire for most of the coders like me. Please look into the matter its serious.

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These rules are just for official contests,but still sometime they even miss the official contest’s editorial.

I have seen official contest’s editorials delayed yes but never have I seen an official contest without an editorial :slight_smile:
And in recent times - past few months , editorials seem to be out immediately after contest so props to the editorialists !