Why HackerEarth users are not allowed to add Codechef handle to their profile?

I made an account on hackerearth in which I managed to add topcoders as well as codeforces handles but failed to add Codechef’s handle, Kindly help.

here is your answer link ,another link

Hey @sidgupta234,

I just noticed your post now. I have already answered your quora question. I am posting the answer again for the sake of this post and that people here find a official reply from CodeChef.

"The reason certain IP’s were blocked, was because we felt they were violating our user’s privacy. While it is widely said that it was done purely for validation of users’ credentials there are a few things that were done which we believe were unethical.

  • There was no prior permission taken from us before making those calls. If I want to make calls to any website for my business, I would at the very least want to inform the website owners before doing so. Anybody would not want their data to be scrapped without being informed.
  • User’s personal profile (private data) was scraped after successfully login in with user’s credentials. We have logs to substantiate this and we believe that even the users who gave in their passwords are unaware of this. "

I already read this answer and the post, I want someone from codechef to clarify their stance.

The best is to write an e-mail - they are not reading forum all the time, let us know if you have something new :wink:

I saw @tojochacko replying, so I thought maybe :confused: but then you know better (Y)

You can give it a chance, but it might happen, they may skip the topic because of title, not event reading it, just saying, maybe you will receive answer here :wink:

Thanks @tojochacko for bringing your point of view in front, i really was looking forward to a response :slight_smile:

So… did HackerEarth ask for permission afterwards?

@xellos0: No, they did not contact however they put a blog