Why has Python's time limit multiplier been reduced?

Why did Codechef reduce python’s time limit multiplier, now 2x is too less compared to other languages.


Probably because of increasing submission queue times. Not convinced that it is justified though.


I think this was because of the ICPC Regionals. It would be difficult to maintaining different multipliers for different contests. I’m not sure about this, just a guess.

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As Far As i know, 5x is high too. As seen and heard, many brute force Solutions are getting AC or getting more partial marks compared to other languages. Basically there are I/O templates in Websites that allow all to submit with a comparable speed, Mostly 2X of that of C++. So this seems justified to me.

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My similar solution for String Merge problem in this challenge got TLE, which otherwise in other languages got AC. I thought I needed to implement the sub-quadratic algorithm for LCS to get AC and spent my time learning how to do so, while in other languages you are getting AC with the DP quadratic algorithm for LCS. Please rejudge Python solutions, so that it does not affect the rating of users like me very adversely.

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As far as i remember in NOV Challenge for the problem SEGPROD iterative segment tree in python gave AC. Whereas C++ and other language users were beating their heads off to tackle the TLE. This contest the problems were such that some brute force in python might have passed the Time Limit. Anyways this is just a hunch and i also don’t know the actual reason

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python is already reduced it’s time by only intrrupting the line of codes in it. So according to me it may be one of the reason.

I think its only fair for them to reduce it considering python users get away with brute in some contests but x3 would have been better. Also i think pypy and python 3 should not have the same time.

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This is not fair, 2x is too less, At least include PyPy3 for python 3

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I agree that 5x was quite high but now 2x is too low. something around 3.5 to 4 should be fine


I don’t really see a reason to rejudge it. You were notified at the very beginning of the contest, and you knew, that Python is slow. You could have coded your solution in C++, or don’t participate in the contest, if you are sticking both to Python and your rating.

Well I am a beginner and learning python(at a slow pace xD).
Check out @meooow’s submissions. He has solved the first five problems using python. I learn a lot just by gazing at his submissions after contest ends, maybe you too can gain a bit of information to your problems.


Just changing my submission from Python 2 to pypy made it avoid TLE. Started on the wrong track for finding a sub-quadratic algorithm when quadratic could have worked during the competition :frowning:

If c++ was 2 times faster than python, trust me everyone developer would switch to python, cause 2 times slower than c++ is nothing compared to the benefits python gives.
Python is actually 10x slower than C++ in my opinion and tests.

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Not only one line is the whole answer-
CPP- I am for competitve world
python- I am for the world
C-I am father of this world
assembly- I was the only one at my time,fastest
java-I am the world
javascript-Don’t underestimste the power of the common language
others- let me resign my job

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