Why I only get 30 points for solving 3 questions

can anyone please tell me how the points get distributed…for 3 questions I get 100 each but only get +30 in total

Thats rating not the actual points you got in solving problems

30 only…and my friend who copied my code got 84 for 2 questions

He must in lower ratings than you so he got higher . Be ready to get drop in your ratings you both get plagiarized


Wow, bro …Very Nice.

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you both will soon received -300 for sure… :smile:


Boy, oh boy! You are openly admitting plagiarism. Good luck getting back to 0 rating.

for a 100 points question it should atleast give half points…but it gave 10% of the total points…at this rate it takes me year to get 100 points


Cp is not for who cares about rating . But for improving problem solving skills

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I will try harder next time