Why is Codechef discuss forum so similar to open-source Discourse?

I was recently exploring various Question-Answer platforms widely available for both open source and Enterprise use. I was really surprised to come across this open-source software Discourse.

It immediately struck a chord with me, as I recalled Codechef looks actually very same, at least the frontend section. On exploring more, I found a company uses a premium version of this software (Paid for Enterprise use) - https://community.cartalk.com/
You’ll realise on close inspection that even the UX flow is same.

I am just curious to ask folks around - Why does it look so similar? Is the Codechef discuss forum a fork of the open source Discover software hosted on Github; or is this Enterprise (Premium) software bought from Discover.org ?

In case it is fork of the open source repository, would Codechef open source this as well so that others could contribute publicly? It would be great if @admin could provide some insight.


Yup, this Discuss is a fork of Discourse.

So this year, we finally made the call to retire old faithful and move on to a newer and faster Discourse-based forum.

CodeChef introduces a brand new discussion forum | CodeChef

We are very glad that you are enthusiastic to contribute to the development of the platform! Indeed we do want to make it open sourced, but it requires quite a lot of effort from our end to do that initially. It is in our pipeline, but unfortunately we don’t have a concrete timeline of when we would get to it.

We’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


God ! I was thinking, and I have no idea why it is so similar

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