Why is Competitive Programming so Famous in India?

Hello Everyone,

So I surveyed 2000+ students to find out why they were doing CP and tried to break down the “misguided hype” of CP in India as it causes a lot of problems as people seem to think that being CM/6 stars will directly lead them into FAANG so I tried to make a video clearing those factors and hopefully, this will prevent people from plagiarising and brining down the spirit of CP.


Thank you.


Nice, it’s mostly overhyped these days. For the risk of sounding old, when I started Competitive Programming around 3-4 years ago, I feel the hype was much lesser. I mean, the guys I started with in college, we all just decided to compete because it was so much fun solving challenging problems, we had literally no idea that people thought this was a one stop solution for getting placed at FAANG.