Why Is LunchTime happening at Dinner Time?

Hi Guys, I’m not able to understand the meaning of this contest name as it always happens at the time of dinner. It might be the case that it happens at lunchtime in some other countries but now it’s under the control of Unacademy, So wouldn’t it be good if they either make it Codechef DinnerTime of letting the Indians have the legacy of giving the contest on the LunchTime.

What do you think guys? :smiley:

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Marked as duplicate. Lunchtime at dinnertime

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Assume it’s for Americans and move on with your life.


For the first 2.5 years, it used to happen from 11am to 2pm IST. And that name has just stuck even after the timings were changed.


cant it be made consistent now?

The cons outweigh the pros - Changing a name is never a great idea, as people are used to the old name. So no plans as of now to change it.