Why is my rating decreased?

Hi fellow coders, I am new to Codechef, just started out with competitive programming. I have taken part in two challenges as of now. First was June long challenge. In this challenge I could solve one question only and in one got TLE. My rating came out the next day and it was 1452.

Yesterday I took part in the June Cookoff. I could solve two problems. First question I solved it one go and the second one took a lot of time and many Wrong answers but finally got submitted with accepted. So, at the end of the challenge my score was 2 and rank as 7027.

But today morning I saw that my rating has decreased from 1452 to 1421. Why is it so? I am new and cannot comprehend why is it decreasing? Like if there is any specific guideline that CodeChef follows then please do share it with me. Thanks for your time.


your rating decreased because there is penalty time involved. Go thru the rules of the contest its mentioned. Try not to make wrong submissions on cook off ,think all the test cases and edge cases before submitting . Altho tle or runtime errors happen sometimes cause of silly mistakes , just try to avoid them.


Your rating goes up or down based on your performance compared to others in the contest. Since you could only solve 2 problems while others did more, you lost rating and they gained.


Okay what does penalty time mean? Can you eli5? Even if i made wrong submissions initially, but I submitted the right solution before the contest end time, so that doesn’t make a difference?

Hola amigo, the same thing has happened with me, after talking to some of my friends, i learnt that the rating also depends on the relative rank of the individual in a contest, this being a primary reason, and the other reasons are that, proofs were discovered of plagiarism, Although I myself didn’t ever take the means of the later, but i think, the former got accounted a bit more, in this contest particularly and resulted in the degradation. That’s all… Happy Coding.

Oh, I see. Nice, got some idea about it. So, it is comparative. Is it the same in all challenges?

In long challenges, when you submit doesn’t matter. In short challenges, how fast you submit and wrong submissions also matter.


Hi Amigo. Oh, I see. Yeah. me also, no cheating but it’s relative, the ranking. Happy coding.

Oh, I see. What do you suggest for beginners. Should they focus on long challenges first and once they gain expertise then they can focus on short challenges? Because at this rate, I might just keep losing ratings if I take part in short challenges because hardly I can solve at max 2-3 questions only due to lack of competitive coding exp.

I really don’t know. I’m a beginner myself.

Yes, it completely depends on other peoples, how they are performing as compared to you.

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Okay, now I got a basic idea of how rating works. Let’s suppose in the yesterday challenge I could solve all the questions then my rating would have been 1500, right? As I didn’t perform well yesterday, my rating decreased by 34 points and is at 1466. overall it fell from 1452 to 1421

Oh, but you are 3 *. How beginner?

If you solved all problems, depending on your submission times, you would’ve gained about 200 rating since it’s very unlikely that someone who’s 1500 rating would be able to do that.

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Check my profile, I’ve only done 4 contests and only 2 seriously

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Same issue bro

yes its because of people like u who cheat in contests .