Why is the codechef rating system random

Hi , i gave a contest on codechef after a long time yesterday so maybe i have missed on community updates, but yesterday i got a rank 29 in div4 and my rating increased to 1400 but i saw a person with a rank less than me his rating was increased to 1740 , is this a bug or an intended feature as i saw people with 0 contests reach this rating yet people who have given>=1 contests don’t (similar happened with my friend a few days ago)
also i dont want my rating to be increased i just want to know the reason for this :slight_smile:

sorry if this is out of place

overall rating calculation has multiple components to it. One component being the
number of contest that you participated. Assume that the factor is (500/n) , so someone giving first contest would get +500 , whereas someone giving their second contest would get +250 where rest of the components would remain same