Why is there a difference in rating change?

A 3 star in Div 2, with nearly 1780 rating, who scored 610 with rank 886 in this July long just got a positive delta of around 7-10.
Whereas a 4 star with rating 1804, who scored 325( 625 in terms of Div 2(15 for WEIRDMUL)) and a rank of around 700 has got a positive delta of around 47-50. Why is this so?

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Yash I am also confused a bit about July challenge rating.

both are in different leagues (divisions) , and are rated among different set of users.

I agree. But still I don’t think 610 is a bad score in Div 2. Honestly rating changes have been increasing too little in recent contests even after scoring fairly well😟

here is the thing, there are two set of users on codechef div 1 and div 2,

rating changes of div 1 user has nothing to do with rating change of div2 users.

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Everything depends upon your past performances and number of contests, there’s a specific formula for calculating this so I don’t think there should be any issue.