Why It is Showing Wrong Atm Problem help me out

int main()
float Account_Balance;
int Withdrawal_Amount;
float Bank_Charges=0.50;
float Remaining_Balance;
printf(“Enter Account_Balance and Withdrawal_Amount”);

    printf("Remaining_Balance is = %f",Remaining_Balance);

 else if(Withdrawal_Amount>(Account_Balance+0.50))
    printf(" Insufficient Funds!! Remaining_Balance is = %f",Account_Balance);

 printf("Your Remaining_Balance is = %f",Account_Balance);   

return 0;


Hello @abhay_7272, welcome to Codechef Community.

You are Submitting your codes to Online judge. There is no one explicitly providing the input to your program. Everything is automated, so, just read the input without prompting to enter the input and similarly print the output without any sentences, unless asked.

Coming to your code, you are supposed to print only the remaining balance.

Remove this kind of printf statements and you’re done.

Kindly look into the input format and output format before you attempt to solve the problem.
Happy coding. :grinning: