Why June Long Challenge is rated Only for DIV 3

why this is happening … Now i have to wait for 3 weeks to increase my rating :sob::sob::sob::sob:


At this pace, Dec’21 long would be rated only for DIV 9.
Smh. Even tortoise runs faster.


Looks like an attempt to bring back the glory of 5 stars or may be they just ran out of hard problems, idk.


codecef should increase short div2 and div3 contests , on codechef only 3 contest are in month which is good for us div3 starter , lunchtime and cookoff , @admin please increase short contests even tough make those rated or unrated but at least one contest each week


You don’t know the effort that goes into writing a good problemset. I don’t think most people will enjoy having a contest with trash problems each week, but I agree there’s some scope in increasing the frequency of short contests assuming longs are going to be unrated from now on.


if codeforces can do then why not codechef


For Division 2, now there will be only two rated contests. (Why?)
“Lunchtime” which happens at dinner time.
“Cook-off” which happens near mid night.
@admin Please look into it and atleast increase the number of rated contests to 4 per month (if possible).


Because codechef doesn’t has the same number of high rated active participants who are willing to be a Problem setter.


Komedy achieved!


This is great move by codechef. The ones who are in division 2 will not be going to division 1 through cheating. The ones who are in division 1 will not be going further through cheating. Moreover, How far will division 3 coders will go through cheating? I guess, This is the reason why codechef is taking these steps.

But the sad part is, massive cheating has began in short contests.Look at any 2 random solutions of 4th problem of May lunchtime 2021,90% of the time, solutions will match.


Plz don’t get offended
but following could be the reason why it is unrated ?

Rejected Solution :

AC Solution :

In Your rejected solution you even don’t know the proper way of building a sieve .

But in ac solution You build a proper sieve .
How ?

I am not blaming you for anything .
But if there is a lot difference in rejected solution and AC solution it creates doubt .

I hope you will take this in positive way .

Irony is that some people commenting on this post have done cheating in yesterdays contest .
:joy: :joy:


True :joy:

Ya , considering may long , it should be rated for div 3 only , if they cheat , they will oscillate b/w div 2 and div 3 , or they will never participate again one reached to 3 start


The function in the AC solution is readily available in the GeeksForGeeks website.

Link - Click Here

It cannot be called cheating. This is discussed even before that if a standard code is available on a well known website like GFG before the contest was organized , then it can be leveraged in our code.

Cheating means that you have taken a code which was not openly available before the contest was organized.

For example, Sieve function is not something constructive but it’s a standard algorithm. Full solution of 4th problem of May Lunchtime 2021 is something which was not standard, but it was constructive and yeah, constructive solutions can be different, but if you closely look, random solutions are getting matched which is obviously suspicious.

I hope your definition of cheating is cleared now!
If i am wrong somewhere, please do correct me.


See bro ,
You misunderstood the things .
Read my comment properly .
At any point I never said that he did cheating .
And i hope you know the difference between
he did cheating and creates a doubt

And see if one haven’t done the wrong things and if people will blame him/her for the thing which he/she hasn’t done they probably will be not get demorlized by comment which is blaming them and if actually they have done then they will definitely get demoralized .

I just want to tell them who are doing cheating that they are cheating themselves .

And i just said that i have a doubt doesn’t mean that i am saying that he is doing cheating .


Yeah bro, I understood what you are referring to.

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Thanks bro for understanding me :slight_smile:

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Ok your rating went up…last time I saw your profile it was 2 star.
Good job…Mine rating also could have been increased But both days I was practicing DP…
Keep it up…

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Thanks Bro .
And also Best of luck to you bro .

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Are there other long time code challenges? Can’t see the ranking going up is just frustrating.