Why karangreat is suspended?

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@rakeshpandit u r asking like he is a celebrity ,if he is suspended he must have done something against the norms . plz don’t use the platform for such things ,there are many more imp things to talk upon .#NO_OFFENCE
P.S I also have doubt that u may be the same person about whom u r talking.


He got suspended due to plagiarism as his profile states. So, i guess he must have copied codes to get good rating in contests.

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No offence, but isn’t he a celebrity? Like, he seems to be well known right? When rakeshpandit uttered his name, you recognized it. I recognized it. I guess a lot more people will recognize it too. In fact, I believe a lot more beginner coders like me look up to him because of reasons. I’m new to this community, so I’m not sure whether he’s famous, but if he really did cheat, it’s kind of sad. :frowning:


I don’t think he cheated because otherwise his rating would have dropped by now :frowning_face:
Maybe he copied some posts from web to discuss fourm and forgot to give credits.

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is this rule too? is it mentioned somewhere?
i guess credits need to be given while using online resources in contest and not in discussion

This is what he said on the telegram group: His account was plagiarised for a Division:2 question of March Long. His solution matched with other user.The reason was ideone Due to this they banned his account on 9th August,8pm.
He explained to Codechef that due to ideone, someone copied his code and he was sorry for being careless.
He got his account back in few minutes, after which he was allowed to solve questions of August Long. He is not banned , he is allowed to solve and participate, but he is not allowed on discuss till 23rd August.


BTW none of the users are plagiarised yet.


No one copied his codes on March long. In fact he himself submitted codes from 2 different accounts, one in div 1 and one in div 2. I can say it with confidence because if one sees the plagiarized codes, it will be quite obvious that the two codes are by the same user with changed variable names. I will reveal no information about the plagiarized codes because it will violate cc discuss rules (sorry if I have already violated them). PS: I didn’t report them just because he is an inspiration to many beginners, but I guess no one can hold back karma :stuck_out_tongue:


If you can prove that your code was copied from some resource which was made before start of contest then they don’t plagarise you afaik.

I don’t think so that he had done such cheap things . If you ever visit his his Instagram profile you will see that he got #1 in so many hackerank hackerearth contests . There might be some other reasons for his suspension .

It’s stated his solution was public on ideone that’s all…

Even if he did that. Why are you calling it cheap ? I can’t understand :thinking:
It’s better than keeping code public on ideone. Because it will not at all spoil others contest. No one else will be affected in a wrong way.
It’s a mistake. Not a crime.
It’s not like he earned lots of laddus and money by submitting solutions from div2 ( is it ? )


Yeah, it’s a mistake really…i never use online compiler for this reason.
Anyway, why didn’t his rating drop for being caught in plagiarism?

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None of them got ratings drop yet :sweat:

banning frm discussion coz of plagiarism in contest does not make sense
he might hav voilated any rule of discuss forum

I am calling this type of things cheap not his online ide matter .

I was talking about submitting from his another fake account.
Even though keeping code on ideone is a bigger mistake than submitting from another account.
But yeah it is also a mistake.
And I agree with Codechef for punishing him in either case.

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I was talking about that only.

ohh,yeah he must have recently started or wasn’t aware of the rules back then…
that’s fine he learned from it.