Why my code is not saving in codechef ide

from last two day s
every time i write some code on codechef ide and after completing whole code when i revisit question to take input test cases. and then i go back to my code every time i see my whole code lost and it restart the ide. so why they written that your code gets saved automatically.

but after refreshing
everything vanishes and ide restart this is happening from last one day and it really disappointing me.
Also after correct submit when i revisit the ide to resubmit at that time also my previous code vanishes and ide restart please help me

I’m also facing the same issue :neutral_face:, when i switch to other browser then it won’t return my code
I think codechef will have this feature in future definitely because it’s a very common need

I am struggling to pass TLE in a test case since last two days and Every time i close tab it gets refreshed , I have to write the whole code from scratch , don’t know why it’s happening.