Why my codechef rating decreased?

I submitted solutions to two problems on division 2 successfully by my own though it took me nearly 2 hours. I submitted solution at once and got accepted yet codechef decreased my rating why ? Does this means that there is no point in solving problems if you submit less than half no of solutions to the problem given or if you submitted succesful solution at once. I was away from codechef for few months to learn more about Data Structure and Algorithms and I practiced a lot at Geeksforgeek. I thought codechef is not biased but what is this .


it depends on rank not in number of problems you solved .

Can you explain it in simple words

Means I am compared with specific rank and if my rank is below then my ratings go down

yep , you can say that.

codechef is not biased…
u got rank 3000
and codechef decreased ur rating only by 3…and u still have a problem !!
practice more in gfg and solve fast


I can’t explain the whole ELO rating system in one post, basically it compares the rating of two people and seeing their performance metric they use a formula and all.
It’s not biased, ELO rating system is a well established used in competitive sports.
Research more about it if you are curious

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Anyway, In Div 2 comparison the first two questions were honestly cakewalk,
i solved both of them under 20 minutes, and by the time i refreshed i was already rank 250.
Because first two questions were a bit easy people who submitted fast got a better ranking honestly.
You need to practise and learn more :slight_smile:
Don’t care about ratings and all.
Practise more harder questions.

Bro its totally depend on your rank… if you have solved 2 of them which i have done also … you should do it fast, see my rank and yours… difference will be clear…i hope you understand

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Thank you everyone, Now I got it. I read a post earlier that they decrease rating if caught cheating and this was second time my rating decrease so I got frustrated as I wrote everything by myself never took help of any resources and yet my rating decreased But now I understood it and It is good because if it wasn’t there then competitive programming won’t be as much fun as it is.
Once again thank you everyone


@grksoni No bro Codechef is not biased it is all about you rank in the result of any contest
once your rank is decided then on that basis your rating will increase. and Hence more rating will get you Stars . All d Best