Why my fully solved questions(4) in February long challenge in shown as partially solved even though it is passing all the test case?Plz fix this issue

Isnt there any way that we can covey the message to the admin and then it can be cross checked or somethng?

There is nothing as such cross checking.

Hi, just had a question.
If the ratings of people with plagiarism goes down, would that mean that, the scores of every individual will be recalculated connoting that some individuals(the ones who didn’t cheat) would gain a better rank?

then everyone who cheats be like
“it was not intentional.used ideone.i am honest.dont decrease my rating


How is it possible that someone can steal your code if you write in online ide? i am kind of lost

@hackinet i am too wondering that because new rank meaning new rating right?

Yes, you’ve been caught in plagiarism, and an email has already been sent to you. Maybe check your spam.

All users caught in plagiarism get an email from us, and we have an appeal phase after that.

This was a part of the Magic next you will see when the next month ur Rating goes boom…:fire::sparkles::sparkler:

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