Why my fully solved questions(4) in February long challenge in shown as partially solved even though it is passing all the test case?Plz fix this issue

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It means that you have been plagiarized! :neutral_face:

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How is that possible:no_mouth:

Solve a problem (You don’t even need to solve it.)
Submit it.
Send the code to your friend and ask him to submit it.
Then see magic.


LOL :joy:

I got it.
From next time I will be extra careful with my codes and will not use an online compiler for the test runnings.

So what happens next?

P.S: Just curious

A friend of mine also got plagiarized but his rating has not been decreased. What further actions can be taken possibly?

Just wait for hammer day. All plagiarized people ratings will go down according to the number of plagiarism.


Is there any page that tells how much rating is decreased or something. I read somewhere you get a warning at first or something… Is it so?

I have not heard of any such pages.


So how much rating decreases?

You must have received a mail on the registered mail id from codechef.

He has not recieved one yet. What about you @anon32405556?

My rating is also on the basis of 400(score)…

Didn’t got any mail.

Is it possible that someone copies your code from ideone and then u get plagiarized?

Yeah…exactly this has happened with me.
From now I will use codeblocks/sublime text for test running.

Only if he hacks your ideone. :neutral_face:

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Didn’t followed the guidance to hide code seriously.