Why my rating was decreases after update?

Hello, @admin @vijju123

Recently after this OCT long I got the rating 2231(which you see on my highest rating)
but now it decreases to -3 and become 2228(which you see on my profile)

Can you tell me the reason for this??
profile link: https://www.codechef.com/users/samarthtandon


My rating increased from 1954 to 1959 .
At first I thought it’s was because of EXUN programming contest. I was shocked because I performed super badly in that and was expecting -50/-70 or more.

Maybe ratings for long were recalculated or maybe it’s just a bug.

Its a bug basically which codechef needs to clear out…because it usually doesn’t happen…

I went to my profile after seeing this blog… and yeah looks like some kind of bug. -1 in my rating too.

@admin @vijju123 please reply…

Will look into it.

ok thanks (20 char look into this too)

yes mine also decreased too …


This happened due to changes in challenge problem. The admin confirmed that the graph and ratings should be consistent now. Current ratings are final.

ok thanks! now I finally update it in my resume :sweat_smile:

and please close this thread as soon as many will replay and notifications disturb me on the mail…

Closing as requested by user.