Why partial corrected solutions are removed from coder profile ?

If one solve a problem , and get partial point ( less that 100 ), it is not being shown in problem solved section of profile. How does it make sense ? If I remember correctly it was there earlier.

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maybe plagiarism testing is going on thats why it has been removed, when testing on a particular problem will be completed it will be shown in coder’s profile :confused:

I think they updated how the profile looks and categorised partially solved problems separately.

Hi @mkkhedawat,

We have made some changes to the website where if a problem is partially solved(not all subtasks are Accepted) then it is not listed as a successfully solved problem. You will see the changes in the problems listing(Practice/Contest), User profile page and Tags page. There is a new stats column on the user profile page where the count of partially solved problem is shown. Let me know if you still have doubts.



@admin I have solved 12 problems at all and it is showing Problems solved:10, Problems partially accepted: 0. So, it is showing partially accepted problems as 0 and then why it is showing problems solved: 10 and not 12?

Hi @ll : Refer to below link for new feature details.

Changes for partially graded problems | CodeChef

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We have added a section for partially solved problems. Users should be able to see their partially solved problem directly on their profile page.

Also there was a system issue with the way count was generated and hence for most of the people count was not showing properly. We have corrected the count calculation. Please let us know if you see any issues at bugs@codechef.com

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Nice, hopefully you add also graph for lunch contests :wink:

@tojo why didn’t u just marked them in a different color than the already solved problems, this would’ve made it much easier for everyone, since now I can only access my solutions if I go to the contest page or the problems page?


I misunderstood, I thought there are some changes still going on…

That will break my chrome plugin also :frowning:

How’d one know which of his questions are partially solved?

@chhristov: Yes, showing it in a different color is a good idea. I’ll try the change and deploy it. Thanks for your suggestion.


@betlista: We have still not implemented lunchtime graph on the user profile page :slight_smile: These changes are concerned with subtask problems.

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Same problem I am facing I had 89 solved problems now its showing 69+16 :confused: where the heck other 4 problems went no idea.

Yeah, my bad, thanks for your answer :wink:

@tojochacko from your comment, I understand partially solved problem will show up on profile soon. That’s cool.

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I can it already in my profile :wink: Thanks @tojochacko !

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And should practice problems be counted? It seems, the are not - I have 16 partially solved in new section, but 15 in stats…

@betlista: Yes, because in the stat section the count value is based on distinct problem, while in the problem listing section it is contest wise. So if you notice, same problem can be repeated across different contests.