Why rating decreased

My rating was decreased by 29 points, without any valid reason.
I haven’t done plagiarism in any of the previos two contests (before that rating was 1469) and submitted atleast one accepted solution in both.Now its suddenly changed to 1440.

You participated in October mega cookoff (because of which you got -29) and why your rating will not be affected? Tell me!!!

But I have submitted the first solution successsfully, witout any plgiarism.

  • Speaking of which, I Think your understanding is wrong!.
  • Yo! will not get +ve rating if you submit solution for single problem.
  • Rating factor depends on many factors
  • Simply put, You have to perform better than previous contest(s).

LOL, If I get +ve rating (least is 1), If I attend 1500 contest, I will beat Gennedy :stuck_out_tongue: