Why ratings dropped.Bug in long challenge

I have not participated in this longs challenge but still my ratings dropped ? Why I just submitted one question on the very first day but later on it was removed . Was my ratings calculated on that question basis which was removed and also then after that removal I also removed my mind from that long and don’t participated any more thinking that my ratings won’t change please help @admin @vijju123 @aryanc403,@alei please help…


Yeah,that simgam problem was removed,I assume you submitted for that.

Ya but if the problem was removed that currently and really means that I have not submitted any problem from current set so how can you consider me for a rating change brother think logically , I left the long after that single removal itself.

Please reply @admin and please remove this bug from codechef longs as soon as possible.

Will look into that.

Sure but please do it soon before cook offs

Which anime mc is that in your pic?
I’ve seen him somewhere

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I am also a victim of this bug :frowning:

my ratings are not updated at all !!

our rating are not at all updated ! can you please help in that!! Thank you

Write a mail to help@codechef.com ,the appropriate admin will see it sooner then. :slight_smile:

Its updated.

Thank you brother I think the topic must be closed now.
Thanks@vijju123 my brother

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yes!! its updated finally!!

Haha… But it has been only 6 hours since contest.

is their some kind of glitch because in my account it still shows that i have 3 star

It happened once to me, don’t worry it’ll be resolved soon

Mine first increased for 6 points,then got decreased by 3 points.LOL