Why same points for easy and hard problem?

Why easy and hard problems of the Long contest have the same points (i.e. 100) a problem that requires a couple of minutes to solve is the same as the problem which requires days to solve.

I don’t think it matters. Ones who’ll solve tougher problems are expected to solve easier ones as well.

that is a requirement. but this will improve the judgment for lower ranks.

What exactly do you mean by judgement?

2 users solving 2-2 problems each are marked with the same points but one problem is harder than the other one solved. this means the harder one should be above as user solves the harder problem.

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Yes, I think it a valid point and would be great to see such kind of score distribution in a short contest where people can choose to attempt a harder problem instead of easier.

In Long challenge- you get 10 days. So, people solving harder ones are expected to solve easier ones as well. So, they’ll eventually get a better rank.