Why so late editorials

why the editorials in codechef nowadys too late.August long editorials are also much late(pstones)and RGY.
now August lunctime div-1 only 2 editorials are present in editorial section .i wanted the editorials of 2-3 problems in lunctime and they have not been yet declared.@kingofnumbers
or whosoever is editorialist ,please give fast editorials otherwise upsolving becomes very difficult.


One great excuse is (as always) “Quality editorials take time”.
I believe in this. It’s better to have a late editorial with clear explanation than a lightning fast one with a confusing explanation.
Just curious to know, are the editorialists employees or interns or do they get paid for every contest?

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i hope editorials are(must be)prepared beforehand and if any changes have to be made then 1-2 days are sufficient to make that
If you release editorials after15-16 days enhancing the quality then actually its of no use. After the contest people are with fresh ideas and even if the editorial is missing something people can definitely help.Moreover edits can also be made.
Also a lot of contest takes place so it becomes difficult to track upsolving unless editorials are fast and for quality most of them are good whether released early or late.


you are right. Just look at the editorials of codeforces and then look at codechef. You will realise the difference. No matter what even if a new topic is introduced in editorial chef’s over here will make you understand that.