Why so less increase in rating?

My global rank was 70 in today’s Starters 64 but my rating increased just by 42 !!!
What is wrong with codechef rating system :frowning:

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bruh same my ratings just got changed from 1546 to 1621 (Rank 51)
But in a previous contest it changed from 1510 to 1664 (Rank 84)

There’s something definitely wrong with this rating system

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its because of elo mmr rating read about it u will understand.

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This rating system is so bad , effort waste :frowning:

Rank 51 (1546 → 1621)
Rank 84 (1510 → 1664)

That makes sense to me. For example, some people went up to the upper Division in the previous contest.
And that means that you can get higher rank in the next contests but the rating change can be small.

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hope so :slight_smile: