why so much less contests are being conducted ???

I want to ask that why so much less contests are being conducted in MAY relative to MARCH or APRIL.
As i have summer vacations now and i am all free for enjoying contests .only challenge,cookoff and lunchtime are being conducted.

I request admin to conduct more programming contests as most of us are free in summer vacations.
It will be really helpul if u can do anything in this direction.

It’s just what i feel

no intentions for hurting anyone’s feelings :slight_smile:


Hey rajput1999! there are many more websites other than codechef like codeforces, topcoder, etc. in which contests are held you can take part in those contests. Tomorrow is a codeforces contest codeforces Round #485 for Div1 and Div2 you can register for that.


@rajput1999 Do give a try on codeforces. Once you start on codeforces you will like it more than codechef (#nooffence) . Speaking from my personal experience. And they also have a option for virtual participation. Although we get more motivation while doing rated contest. But you can practice there. And keep your weapons ready for next contest (CC,CF). https://a2oj.com is also a nice site for practice.


If you want to practice doing beginner level problems in contest, you may try Div3 contest today at CF. It will be rated for those who have rating under 1600

Codeforces Round #486 (Div. 3)

I think I can answer this one well. Never though such a discussion would happen here XD

The reason is that, when college is active, there are many coding clubs over various colleges who want to conduct an online round at codechef- so its feasible for them without any strain of resources like money etc. During summers, it just doesnt happen :frowning:

I dont know how can this request be accommodated, but @admin s are busy taking workshops to improve your coding skills :slight_smile:

I like @ssp547 's view. There are multiple sites, use all of them :).

@aryanc403 - Lol at your posts on CF. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

You can access very good quality contests and problems in http://atcoder.jp/ and https://csacademy.com/ Contests are held weekly/biweekly and level of problems is very good plus very fast editorial access.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

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i know that but codechef contests are different and in my opinion they are best for beginners XD

btw thx for your answer


@rajput1999 Just realised - Questions at CF are best. But For discussion and asking doubt CC forum is best. I do personally prefer ask doubts of CF here rather then comments there.

i know that but codechef contests are different and in my opinion they are best for beginners XD

I completely agree with you here. I shifted to CF recently. Till then I was practicing here only. And for beginners I don’t suggest to start with CF but start with CC. But I have seen 4 stars.

yeah bro you are absolutely right at CF their are are much harder category problems which can bring beginners moral down .
i myself can only solve 2 - 3 problems out of 6 - 7 thats why i m requesting admin to put more contests related to beginners especially if they are of longer length like 1 day or 2 days

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4 stars are due to my two recent contests gone very well :slight_smile:

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There is a longer contest which lasts 10 days and I think codechef covers whole month nicely… I take whole 10 days for it… I don’t give up till last day… So no need of extra contests according to my opinion… Long challenge is specially for beginners… And beginners also should participate in challenge of 2-3 hours cuz speed is very important…

Maybe you will like a 1vs1 contest !! Where two people get some random questions and they have to solve them…
Or a virtual contest with random questions of all difficulty level…
I once requested to codechef about 1vs1 coding fights… I would also request them for letting us play with our friends… it would be fun isn’t it…

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U can have 1vs1 on hackerearth

yeah ik… I have win streak over there… I haven’t lost any match till today :slight_smile:
but I cannot fight with my friends over there

did about 30 fights over there… some were draw though…

thx for your opinion

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