Why was ACMIND18 so unbalanced?

There was so huge difference in level of difficulty of questions of ACM ICPC 2018, Online Preliminary Contest

ACMIND16 - solve 4 questions and qualify

ACMIND17 - solve 3 questions and qualify

ACMIND18 - solve just 1 question and qualify(>2.4k sol)…other questions were logically tough enough(<350 sol)…so only typing speed and bugg-less quick approach of first question mattered… :frowning:


It reminds me of my exams, either you get easy but many questions to do or you get things out of syllabus.

Either way, I suck. While others make it through.

Well, I think like they decided to increase the level of contest. Ohh, but they only picked the wrong one to do so. Even codechef long or other contest are way much better than this.



if (you solved 2nd then couldnt qualify) thats sad af;
     else git gud;
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I agree…Increase the level but atleast linearly…Its also true that we should be prepared for each situitions…But shouldn’t there be atleast a pattern of questions so that we could plan our stategy.
We were like “We have to solve atleast 4 questions(because of trend)…So first read each of them and distributed among 3 of us”…But it was too late to submit our first solution and were unable to attempt more questions…
Lost the golden opportunity…Hefty amount…and much more :frowning: