Why was my profile deleted?

@admin @vijju123

My codechef profile was deleted without any confirmation. My discuss profile remains still, This was my first contest. Please reactivate my account. I got a rank of 37 in yesterday cookoff and I’m a candidate master on codeforces. I wanted to try codechef during quarantine🤦🏻‍♂️

Edit : I just checked my mailbox, seriously u guys gave no confirmation, straightaway deactivated my profile.

We do not care to waste time on harassers. Bye from Discuss as well.


@admin if harassing rapists is called harassment in 2020 INDIA, then yes call me that.

P.S - You can’t stop a guy who’s 1976 on CF, and has a lots of free time + disposable emails + location scrambler. I’ll be back till lunchtime again.

@admin you are a control freak. Deactivating, Disabling Users according to your wish without even listening both sides of story . Now i see why codechef is getting doomed, maybe they should hire someone with some actual brains man, they seriously gave power in hands of idiots. Try competing someday with actual coders( even me) , i’ll show you your place in 2.5 hours.

Now disable this profile as well, (So predictable smh )

If you don’t mind me asking, what just happened here? I am only curious… Is the harassment bcz of the username? or something else.

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Codechef always do something with a valid reason! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ouch. Pretty bold claims from someone who’s LUCKY to become a cm on codeforces.

harassing rapists
Still harrasment lol. You contradict yourself


Random toxic stuff on profile page as well.

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