Why was my rating dropped? (Bug)

Hello @admin

My rating was dropped for January long challenge, even when i didn’t attempted any scoreable problem. I only submitted for OWCA Files which was in Non Scoreable Section, then why did i get a rating drop. Please reply, i became 4* after enigma and then my January rating came… dropping it :man_facepalming:t2:.

@vijju123 Please fix this

Also, January ratings were supposed to show first but they show after enigma

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The graph is wrong, and you will not have any rating change for JAN20. It will be corrected soon.


When will ENIGMA ratings show up?

My rating is changed now before the increase for just january long challenge was 240 and now it shows +110 even though the change should be same for both enigma and jan long challenge.
This was a pretty long duration after which i tried your long challenge , codeforces is way better.

Please check now.

i checked again but the change isn’t reflected

The previous post was not a reply to you. You can check what it was a reply to, by clicking on the arrow at the top-right corner of a post.

As for your comment: Yes, there was a manual error, and you seem to have seen the ratings when it was in that wrong state for some time. It’s fixed now, and the current ratings are the final ratings.

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