Will Codechef bring more short rated contests in coming months?

WILL CODECHEF bring more and more short rated contests in coming month or the months will keep on passing with 3 contests out of that also 1 is tooooooooo. longggggggggggg contest of 10 days.
IT’s just a suggestion ironically there can be many meanings out of this but my opinion is straight forward…


You may head over to codeforces for such large number of short contests.Every competitive programming site has it’s own formats of organising the contests , however it seems codechef will be continuing with the current trend only:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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I am there but this site is highly competitive and the time given is very less for much harder problems.
I am just a specialist there.

So that’s a good thing . Isn’t it?


ya agreeee…

Can you please share your CF profile link here? I’m very eager to to see it :smiley:

I’ve recently started and i’ll be doing only short contests on codechef. I appreciate the long format, but it looks like being misused a lot :slightly_smiling_face: . They should probably categorize the ratings, like 5 Star (Short Contest) or 5 Star (Long Contest), something like that



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That’s how you learn. You don’t compete to get points and ratings. You should compete to learn.
I personally sometimes don’t like some CF problems which are completely based on pattern or a puzzle. It has basically nothing to do with coding. Code will be of 5 lines. ( Directly print answer in terms of input parameters)


I agree with @l_returns brother but what the problem is that I too personally like problems of codechef Cook off and Lunchtime as they teach us many things but I am urging codechef to increase such contest like Cook off and. Lunchtime per month 2 contest are too less that’s my idea to codechef because I like the problem statements and problem ideas which the chef serves in front of us but the sweet dishes per month is very less and as I am fatty so I am hungry too.


In my opinion. You should be regular on Codeforces and meanwhile also give all the Long Contests on Codechef. Long are much more helpful and get you to learn new things whereas CF rounds keep you going. Doing this helps a lot. This Long I learned FFT just for one problem. A tool I might use actively in CF Rounds.


Ya Will try the same …Thanks for your clear guidance.