Will it be rated

will today’s cookoff will be rated…
i understand there is lost of hard work of someone behind a contest but making this lunchtime rated will have deep impact


it is unrated they mentioned it on codeforces post

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From which world line did you come from?, we are having lunchtime here


deep impact?

cLoUd bAseD sErvErs

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It is unrated now.

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Can you share the link???

BTW Its luchtime not cook-off!

I think it’s the time for Codechef to change a lot of things in their way of conducting contests. In the last CookOff also, participants faced a lot of issues.
I think in April or May they moved to cloud based servers for solution judging but I think the load on the server are way much heavier than the users actively participating in the contests. The main issue, obviously is the server and @admin should take appropriate actions (including upgrading of servers if needed) and should think about the future of codechef. If this happens over and over again, they will lose many good participants.

(By the way, It is Lunchtime @phoenixsoul :sweat: )

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Ohh my bad…apologies for that

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