Will leetcoding make me good in cp?

Will leetcoding make me good in cp?

this is an extremely broad question. Will it? Probably. Depends on how you use your time there.

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I believe that it will, but not at all in the most efficient way.

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leetcoding means learning DSA right?
so IG learning DSA will improve me a little bit
can you tell me other way to improve in CP @termii

yes it means learning DSA and IG it will improve me a little bit @ian_abusa

high ranks advice the following mentality:

  • don’t burn yourself out
  • practice in a challenging but fun/motivating way
  • value learning essential topics over everything else (those essential to your rating)
  • essential topics for you (1* rating) can be found here: Jump from 1 to 2 stars | CodeChef
  • optional topics, like game theory, can be learned or skipped. Only learn it if it is fun for you
  • solve random problems around and above your rating
  • as a beginner, try to focus on problems that have editorials and read those when stuck or done
  • upsolve previous contests
  • try to improve your skill rather than your rating and don’t get discouraged by short-term fluctuations. Skill changes take month to be seen in your rating-graph
  • roadmaps don’t work because they are not personalized. But feel free to use them to build your own plan.
  • Mix stuff up and make sure you don’t force yourself into doing stuff you hate
  • don’t learn useless algorithms. Rather go solve random problems

Material for self-learning - Guided:

Material for self-learning - Mashup lists:

Note: codeforces EDU section is in my opinion essential to truly learn binary search.

Note: c2-ladders vs a2oj. A2oj is older. In the past codeforces was more heavily algorithm-focused, meaning A2oj is a learning source which gives you problems more focused on certain topic. c2-ladders will give you problems whose solutions are more ad-hoc based. I would value c2-ladders much higher.

Note: there are more sources but those mentioned above are those I plan on using. Partly because they fit me but especially because I think they are extremely awesome.


Thank you soo much @termii
I will surely follow these adivces and excel
again, Thank you soo much for your guidance :smiley: