Will this book prove to be helpful for INOI?

Hi Everyone.

I’ve qualified ZIO and want to start preparing for INOI now. Since I’ve no background in algorithmic programming, I want to know whether the book "Algorithms by U.V. Vazirani, S.Dasgupta " helpful or not.

I would like to know from those who’ve used or read the book whether they found it really useful or is it that completing all the topics from INOI study material given on the IARCS website sufficient in itself?

Waiting for all the replies.


link to book.

link to study material.

Check this link:

Study material link you mentioned is recommended on QUORA by the user Keshav Dhandhania in his reply…

Also for more algorithms go through with this link:


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first of all I will start my answer by saying your choice is really good.
now about me i always prefer books over tutorials and pdf and research papers and other study materials…

rest is abt the book…
for me this is the best book i ever read on algorithms coz its concise and is on the topic from the very first line of the text. I know people have always favoured SIR CORMAN’S but this book cant be ignored.
especially its sections on the linear programming and dynamic one too.
PS: you can take the advantage of its size tooo… can read it bus train and ol…:stuck_out_tongue:
and yes i love this book…!!!

@grvana Thanks for sharing your experience. Although I’ve already ordered the ‘Algorithms’ by CLRS, I have this as an ebook and will try to go through the topics you’ve mentioned.