Worst coding platform ever in terms of speed, code runs too slow only shows submission queued

Website is too slow just forgot about submission even the while running the code it only shows submission queued…

I am writing this message with a great deal of frustration and disappointment. It has been over a month since the last contest, and despite the long break, I see little to no improvement on the website, especially when it comes to rated contests. The most aggravating issue is that even the basic functionality of code submission doesn’t work properly. All I ever seem to encounter is the dreaded “submission queued” message.
This continuous and glaring fault on the part of CodeChef has had a detrimental impact on our ratings. It’s infuriating to see our hard-earned ratings plummet due to issues beyond our control. It’s high time the CodeChef team learns from other platforms like LeetCode and takes responsibility for their shortcomings.
Either make the necessary improvements and provide a platform that functions as expected, or consider discontinuing your so-called “platform.” We, as users, deserve better, and it’s time CodeChef lives up to its reputation or reevaluates its place in the coding community.