Worst possible testcases in "Code Sense (COSS2020)" contest

While trying to solve the sixth problem, I thought I found a pattern and submitted my solution, and it got AC!

I realized that the pattern was wrong and wondered how it got AC. To check the integrity of the testcases, I submitted a solution for the fifth which was to just print the answer of the sample, and to my surprise, it got me AC!

This is happening for all the problems except for this one!

Since the contest is useless, I am posting this before the contest ends.

Lol, I thought you were joking. 1st ques too, just print the sample, and you get AC. Why does even codechef allow to host these contests.

Haha, I’m wondering the same thing :sweat:

Even for the problem which doesn’t pass with sample cases, if you print "Dont Exist for " for all numbers except 4, it gets AC.

Ohh, and here I thought atleast one problem was okay :rofl:

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These type of contests just waste people’s time.


That’s the reason I posted this during the contest

True. Well, I solved, sorry printed, 6 questions in 4 mins :joy::joy: