Worst site for compititive programming

codechef is really worst for cp many times i found statement and testcases doenot match and codeforces is far better than it and codechef also has serious cheating during contest which is really worst.

Which statement and testcase don’t match? Link the problems and your submissions where you found the issues.

At first look at this problem’s 1st testcase your’s answer is 3 but it is clearly visible that answer will be 2
as by arrengement aaaa and arranging secondone like abaa answer is 2 it is clear. Here is link of my code

Second problem is with this problem CodeChef
in this problem it is given that l<r and no equality but in constraints it is given that n can be equal to 1 how can be it possible this small difference create a large problem.

MINLCS - I don’t think you’ve understood the meaning of ‘subsequence’. It doesn’t have to be consecutive. Maybe click on the link given in the problem statement and understand that before attempting the problem.

SUBARRAYREM - Think a bit more along your logic, and reach the conclusion that when n = 1, no operation can be performed, and so the maximum score achievable is 0. There is no issue here.

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yeh i got it thanks for your responce