Writing Interactive judges locally and linking input/output

I wanted to write a judge to interact with my solution for a problem. I have written the judge but am unable to link the input/output of the two files. Can someone guide me through it?

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I am not sure but in the judge code, first you have to take input from the input file. When your actual code is running by taking input from the input file, output the intermediate output in some output file and the judge code should read from the output file and based on that populate the input file based on your logic with some data for the actual code to read for the next step. You can try this but I haven’t created judge of this type before so, I may be wrong.

I think this is only for reading from a file rather than simultaneous I/O

Notice that in my explanation, input file is not static.

Instead of dealing with files, why don’t you write logic of the judge in the actual code itself and then try to verify. That’s much easier!


Ok. That seems to be reasonable. While the judge would be more convenient, if it isn’t working, I think that is the only option left. Thanks for the idea.