It is to inform you that wrong alligaton of cheating is put on me .
A mail is received from codechef stating that a solution similar to my solution is found.
I want to clear my views-

  1. The date of my submission is before the submission of the other user.
  2. As it is a very easy question it may be possible that the code is same as that of me.
  3. The other user will be punished as he/she may steal my code.
  4. As I tested my Solution on an online IDE it is possible that he steal it from there.

The penalty is given to the other user because if I cheated then I would submit the solution after him.

PLEASE do not drop my rating as I earned it with my own practice and hardwork.
And if my rating is dropped it takes a lot of time to cover it and it may be possible that I will left the platform of codechef.
Please give concern to my request.

Hi kanakgoel36

it seems your problem is similiar with mine , the only solution for this problem is do not use online ediitor(ideone/pastebin)

about rating drop , i know that feeling because i got it too, what we have to do now just let it go

yes is simple as that.

codechef never going understanding our excuse even we have aggrieved by the cheaters

So good luck then, Salam.

As per codechef policy,
Penalty is given to both who copied and the user from whom copied.
Chances of revoking penalty is extremely low.
From next time, use online IDE properly.