Wrong Answer Feedback for DIFFCONSEC problem

Problem Link: DIFFCONSEC Problem - CodeChef

suppose we have a string S of length 4 ,S = 0001.

Let’s make change to 2nd zero of string S(0001) to 1,so that it become 0101. As in just one change given String S is made so that no two consecutive characters are same in S.

But all the correct submission code of this problem gives its answer as 2 which is wrong.

Given n = 4; string = 0001.
correct answer = 1;
all correct submission code answer = 2. which is obviously wrong as explained above.

Have you tried reading the problem statement thoroughly ?.

In this particular problem, we are inserting characters between any two consecutive same characters, not flipping the bits.

For the example of , S=0001.

Here, we can insert a different character like; S= 0(1)001.
And, S=0(1)0(1)01.

Thus, it will require at least two insertions to satisfy the problem constraints.