Wrong Answer (SMARTPHONE -- ZCO14003)

I wrote this code for zco practice problem SMARTPHONE and I am not getting where my code is wrong
I have checked with plenty of data and ain’t getting the one which is not fitting into it.
my code –
using namespace std;

int max_revenue(int arr[],int n ){
int max{arr[0]n};
for (int i{0}; i<n; ++i){
if ((arr[i]
max = arr[i]*(n-i);
}return max;

int main(){
int n{};
cin >> n;
int arr[n];

for (int i{0}; i<n; ++i){
    cin >>arr[i];

 for (int i{1}; i<n; ++i){
    int current {arr[i]};
    int j {i-1};
    while (arr[j]>current && j>=0){
        arr[j+1] = arr[j];
    arr[j+1] = current;

 cout << max_revenue(arr,n)<<endl;        
return 0;