Wrong College Added In Profile (Not Updating)


I started on codechef before my college name (MIT Academy of Engineering) was listed in the list of colleges under profile section so I set my college to Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (One of our sister colleges).

But during this August Long challenge I realized that there is scholarship offered for the top rankers of colleges. I have also filled the form for the same.

Later it came to my notice that as of now my rank in Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune is 2nd and my rank in MIT Academy of Engineering is 1st… So I updated the college from profile back to MIT Academy of Engineering but its not getting reflected in the contest area and nor do I think it will reflect in the scholarship forms… What can I do??

Any help is appreciated.

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Same problem here bro, I too have updated my college but it is getting updated in the contest area.

There was no field asking college name in the form…

Whenever you update your college, the change is reflected only in the next month’s long Challenge in Codechef .


thnx for reply!!1i also thought the same