Wrong example in SMILEY problem Starters 97

Problem Link: SMILEY Problem - CodeChef

error in the problem statement
This should be considered a smiley but in example, it is not being considered.
as per the passing code this is being considered a smiley.

hmm! may be you are correct

  • ::): the string[0] to string[1] ----> count += 0;

  • ::): the string[1] to string[3] ---->count+= 1;

overall count should be ---->> 1;
so may be yes, there is possible chance of making substring :): out of ::):

@ro27 please clear the doubt

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For the case of ::): , its substring S[2,4]= ’ :): ’ is schrodinger smiley but whole string is not a schrodinger smiley. In problem statement we are talking about if whole string is schrodinger smiley or not.
So for ::): , NO it is not a schrodinger smiley but YES it contains a substring which is a schrodinger smiley.