Wrong Judgement in August Cook Off

In the August Cook Off, there seemed to be some problem with the judge.
I made a submission https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/37074156 and got TLE but when I sumitted the same solution again, I got an AC https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/37089991

@admin can you please account for this. This led me to a penalty and therefore drastically affected my performance.

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It might be due to the execution time difference in cloud servers. Read here


yes the two submissions are exactly same
These kind of incidents give us trust issues :disappointed: :rofl:


Well I am aware of that and think its fine for long challenge but in short contests, time matters a lot. Just for example in my case, not only did I get a penalty but because of uncertainty I had to think a lot before making the same submission again which led to a huge loss in terms of ranking.
@admin needs to do something about that.


Also, even in the blog post referred by you, it says 13% up or down, well see my case, its 33%. Doesn’t make sense at all at least to me. Codechef is really going bad about short contests, no wonder why many friends of mine are switching to codeforces


Agreed it is definitely unfair.

Agreed. This cookoff has been unfair to many. For some, the servers started working after 15 minutes while for some, they started after 25 minutes. This difference of 10 minutes caused a difference of hundreds of rank for all those who solved only the first Div 1 problem.

Yeah dude feels bad when you aren’t at fault still you drop down towards the ranklist, I was giving june lunchtime and input format wasn’t correct, somehow that didn’t affect Cpp users, but python users did suffer a lot of RE, until I came to home page to see that announcement which wasn’t still reflecting in the problem, I was furious that day but the thing was I was a part of minority group of people who suffered this so was pretty helpless, again yesterday saw some unexpected stuff happening here, hope’s out from short contests in here.

I first got ERROR 500 : Server down and then 505. When I finally got to see the problems around 9:05 to 9:10, i couldn’t submit because of submission limit exceeded and too much load on the server. i couldn’t even run my code as it said unable to connect to severs and it was already nearing 10. I wrote down the codes for 3 problem (tho the third one might be wrong), but didn’t submit because already 1.5 + hours had passed by. So I had dinner instead and didn’t participate: /