Wrong plagiarism case in September challenge Div-A

I recently received an email that my submission had been found similar to other user’s submission, but when I looked at the 2 solutions which were listed as being similar, I found that both the submissions were made by me only, and hence I am at loss about why my ratings are being dropped.
I sincerely request @admin or @vijju123 to please crosscheck the two solutions which were sent to me in the email (I have enlisted the two solutions below). If there is some error on codechef’s end, I hope that my rating won’t be dropped and my submissions of the problems in September Challenge Div-A will be added back.
I sincerely hope that it is done quickly as it is very discouraging to see that I am being wrongly penalized as both the submissions are mine, so I don’t understand the charges of plagiarism which have been listed in the email.


These are the 2 solutions which were listed in that email, if you will check, both the submissions were done by me during the contest.


This is due to some technical issues which we are fixing now. We will be sending emails about these soon. Sorry for the erroneous email.

My submissions for the SEPT-A long challenge have been added back, so I assume that the issues have been resolved, but my rank for the contest hasn’t been updated back to its previous rank on my profile abhi2402. On my profile, it still shows that my rank for the challenge is 554(which I believe is the last rank) whereas when I visited the rank-list of the long challenge (https://www.codechef.com/rankings/SEPT18A?order=asc&page=9&sortBy=rank) there it is showing that my rank is 209 (which is near the rank which I had got just after the contest had ended).
I know that it isn’t that big of an issue, but still, will my rank for the contest be updated to its correct value on my profile too?
Thanks for addressing my issue and for your quick response :slight_smile:

Hey @admin, During Flock’s internship coding test (23 september), I too faced wrong plagiarism post-evaluation result.Please look into this matter.

Flock’s internship test was handled manually. Please reply back to the communication you have received from the team. They’d help you.

I replied, but they said they will share post evaluation result, but in this manner I wouldn’t be selected for interviews.