Wrong plagiarism charge April CookOff 2022

I am Adwait. I joined Codechef in February . This is my profile .

Recently my rating dropped by 194 in a false charge of plagiarism. This is very disappointing as well as demotivating. I practice problems a lot on Codechef everyday. I have solved 125 problems till date.(in two months). I didn’t receive any email from you regarding plagiarism check. I have 12 penalties on the April cookoff. I did not did any malpractice in any of my competitions. This happened because of algorithmic error and I can understand that, but if any human look into my case he will also get a clear idea that i am not involved in any malpractice.

  1. (EMAILREM) First question was very easy. Submission Time:- 08:01 PM 02/04/22

  2. (CHEFPAGES) I didn’t read the second question properly and that’s why I got the wrong answer 4 times, i didn’t consider a case where a ==0 && b==0. I think I got plagiarized for this. If yes then this was a very easy question. Algorithm plagiarized me because i submitted late than others and my solution matched with other competitors,

Solution: 61820259 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:11 PM 02/04/22

This is my code. . And there is a very very high possibility that it will match with any other solution. I would also like to point out that my highest rating was 1216 and why would I cheat for such an easy problem? You can also see 4 wrong solutions of this question where I didn’t consider that case. Wrong submitted solutions are as follows.

Solution: 61813928 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:05 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61815511 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:07 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61816534 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:08 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61817458 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:09 PM 02/04/22

  1. (DIGARR) Third question i did in first try. Submission Time :- 08:15 PM 02/04/22

  2. (DIGSMPAR) In 4th question() 6 Wrong answers submitted by me

Solution: 61826801 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:19 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61827162 | CodeChef Difference between these two wrong solutions is that i changed int type to long long int in second solution 08:19 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61834524 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:29 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61841782 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:40 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61842182 | CodeChef Submission Time:-08:40 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61848884 | CodeChef Submission Time:-08:51 PM 02/04/22

correct solution :- Solution: 61851215 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 08:56 PM 02/04/22

There is no way that such a big code will match with any contestant.

  1. (FUNHAND) 2 wrong solutions submitted by me

Solution: 61856985 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 09:06 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61857756 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 09:08 PM 02/04/22

Correct Code - Solution: 61858150 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 09:09 PM 02/04/22

I was able to solve 5 problems and i was trying 6th problem until last moment. I submitted 4 solutions and spent more than an hour in this question.

  1. I was not able to solve but i tried till the end of competition and these are my 4 wrong answers.

Solution: 61865839 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 09:25 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61884154 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 10:07 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61887795 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 10:16 PM 02/04/22

Solution: 61893609 | CodeChef Submission Time:- 10:29 PM 02/04/22

All of the submission times are according to codechef (You can also cross check submission times in my profile).As you can see by submission time as well as by my wrong submissions that i am not involved in any malpractice. I tried every question very hard until the end of contest. And I am very sure you will look into my case and remove the false plagiarism charge on my account, and give me my rating back. You can contact me regarding any information you want from me for my case. I will provide every information from my side which you demand. Feel free to contact me anytime.

@admin @vijju123 Please look into my case as soon as possible and please remove the false plagiarism charge on my profile.
Hoping for the positive reply!

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To appeal for incorrectly flagged plagiarism, you need to write an email to help@codechef.com stating why you think you have been wrongly penalized within seven days of receiving the plagiarism notice. Writing it in the discussion forum would not do any good.

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you have got plagiarized for starters 29 not for april cook off :smiling_face_with_tear: