Wrong Plagiarism Charge

I just saw that my rating was reduced and i have been charged for plagiarism in July Cook Off division 3 in the Segmentation Fault question. Though i had solved it completely on my own & was in no manner involved in any kind of cheating from any source.
I haven’t even received a mail regarding this
So, i want to know why was i charged for plagiarism even though the code is my own & what i need to do about this as its a wrong charge ?

I just saw your submission , it seems fishy : CodeChef
Never seen people putting braces like that in line 23 and in 47

well it isn’t fishy
I have just not edited the code
usually i write the full code and then arrange the braces and indent in the statements just to make the code bit more organized
Like in this code

Can you share the screenshot or link so i could know which line you are referring to
I’m unable to see my own submission of any ques of that contest

We did send you an email regarding this. Please check your spam folder once. Reply to the email if you have received it. Else, write to us at help@codechef.com.

I have already checked the spam folder and I haven’t received any mail regarding this
I have written a mail to help@codechef.com yesterday